Heras Cordon Vendimia

Heras Cordon Vendimia

H eras Cordon Vendimia is 90% Tempranillo with vines that are 37 years old, 5% Mazuelo and 5% Granciano with vines that are both 24 years old. The production of the Rioja wine goes back to the 19th century with the Heras Cordon family and has stayed much the same in tradition and practice but has improved with modern technology over the years.

Key Traits

Wine Grapes
90% Tempranillo
5% Mazuelo
5% Graciano

Wine Aging
12 Months in Oak Barrels
12 Months in Bottles

Wine Characteristics
Ruby red, bright, young wine. Vendimia wine is intense with aromas of fresh red cherries and notes of cassis.When the glass moves shades of ginger appear with a taste of acid red berries interspersed with notes of citrus.

Heras Cordon Vendimia is pleasant and silky, with freshness and flavor of red berries, currants and cherries. The taste in the mouth is balanced, marked by freshness and good acidity. The weight is medium high. The tannins are soft and give good structure. The aftertaste is pleasant and invites repeated sips.

Heras Cordon Vendimia

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