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PIO DEL RAMO wines cultivates a selection of vineyards located in the best plains in Spain, where they gently take care of their vines from the first buds until the gathering of the grapes. The PIO DEL RAMO winery has several plots located in Jumila, Ontur, Albatana and Chinchilla, Spain.
PIO DEL RAMO has most of their vineyards located above 2500 feet altitude. The quality of the wine starts off with the soil where the vine produces its fruit. Their vineyards enjoy continental climate; softened in part by the Mediterranean sea, form the east; and hardened by La Mancha mesa, from the west. The so-called “terroir” is the perfect combination of soil, climate, location and orientation of the vineyards. These conditions produce the healthiest grapes and more ecologically produced wines.